Visualization is a way of making your Subconscious aware about a future status.

Subconscious is our operating system that formulates reaction to whatever input we give it though our conscious brain and senses. It receives, analyses the input weather physical or mental and selects an appropriate response to the stimulus.

As we Visualize, calming down our Conscious Mind and Body, we are reducing the inputs from them to the subconscious. Following this if any instructions are given they directly get transferred to our Subconscious which is then programmed positively to react to whatever circumstances we encounter.

Thus Programming the Mind with Subconscious and planting the affirmations Subconsciously regulates and sets our inner GPS towards Success and Outcome achievement.


A regular practice of these affirmations for minimum of 21 days and maximum of 66 days will set your new programming as accessible to control and direct your conscious or unconscious responses.

You will start feeling a change in your Attitude, Behavior and thinking as you continue with the Process.

Wish you All the very best in your life, May you dream big and achieve all the Success in your life.

With this intention, I welcome you to the course.

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  Guided Sleep Visualization for Youth Motivation
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Dr. Ashish Nagar PT

Hi, I’m Ashish Nagar

Creator of NLP Ashish Nagar Teaching Hub Courses!!

Certified NLP Wellness and Life Coach

Physical Therapist & AP

Founder of NLP Grace

NLP Therapist

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· An educator, Physical Therapist, NLP trainer, NLP Health consultant, much-sought-after speaker in NLP Health, successful entrepreneur and a Health & Wellness consultant to organizations, individuals and professionals.

· Helping people get rid of Pain and Physical Disability since last 20 years, he discovered that even after eliminating Physical pain and disability there were recurrences. These recurrences followed a pattern, which was related something beyond Physical.

-This lead him to research on Mind-body connection, which took him into the whole new realm of Neurolinguistic Programming, Psychosomatic Pain, PNI and Mind-gut connection to list a few.

-He has taken his personal training to many all over the country and abroad. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated thousands to re-evaluate their attitudes.

· More than 10,000 people have attended his seminars and has a personally recorded over hundred audios ranging from basic learning of NLP to the advanced and specialized trainer programs.

He has personally treated and counselled hundreds of clients and locally gained a Good Rapport in professionals and medical fraternity.

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