Dr. Ashish Nagar PT

The Mind Body Health Triangle

In today's Fast and Instant Results world, Health is a more vividly discussed but least followed ritual.

People are aware and willing to get best state of their health but at the same time life-style pre-occupations are making people more anxious about following and not following the routines, which means...

People are loosing health in a worry of being Healthy...

What if I gave you the shortest formula to stay healthy? The shortest formula to get rid of your pains, your sufferings, anxiety, stress, OCDs, addictions and Phobias.

Let's learn the shortest path to health with the Mind-Body Health Triangle.

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Dr. Ashish Nagar PT

Certified NLP Wellness and Life Coach

Physical Therapist & AP

Founder of NLP Grace

NLP Therapist

NLP Trainer

NLP Coach

· An educator, Physical Therapist, NLP trainer, NLP Health consultant, much-sought-after speaker in NLP Health, successful entrepreneur and a Health & Wellness consultant to organizations, individuals and professionals.

· Helping people get rid of Pain and Physical Disability since last 20 years, he discovered that even after eliminating Physical pain and disability there were recurrences. These recurrences followed a pattern, which was related something beyond Physical.

-This lead him to research on Mind-body connection, which took him into the whole new realm of Neurolinguistic Programming, Psychosomatic Pain, PNI and Mind-gut connection to list a few.

-He has taken his personal training to many all over the country and abroad. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated thousands to re-evaluate their attitudes.

· More than 10,000 people have attended his seminars and has a personally recorded over hundred audios ranging from basic learning of NLP to the advanced and specialized trainer programs.

He has personally distributed and counselled hundreds of clients and locally gained a Good Rapport in professionals and medical fraternity.

Dr. Ashish Nagar PT