Dr. Ashish Nagar PT

Your Instructor: Dr. Ashish Nagar PT

Certified NLP Wellness and Life Coach

Physical Therapist & AP

Founder of NLP Grace

NLP Therapist

NLP Trainer

NLP Coach

· An educator, Physical Therapist, NLP trainer, NLP Health consultant, much-sought-after speaker in NLP Health, successful entrepreneur and a Health & Wellness consultant to organizations, individuals and professionals.

· Helping people get rid of Pain and Physical Disability since last 20 years, he discovered that even after eliminating Physical pain and disability there were recurrences. These recurrences followed a pattern, which was related something beyond Physical.

-This lead him to research on Mind-body connection, which took him into the whole new realm of Neurolinguistic Programming, Psychosomatic Pain, PNI and Mind-gut connection to list a few.

-He has taken his personal training to many all over the country and abroad. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated thousands to re-evaluate their attitudes.

· More than 10,000 people have attended his seminars and has a personally recorded over hundred audios ranging from basic learning of NLP to the advanced and specialized trainer programs.

He has personally distributed and counselled hundreds of clients and locally gained a Good Rapport in professionals and medical fraternity.

Adding Value to You!!

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Life seems to be easy now because we are Programmed and /conditioned to accept it with all its limitations. Life is much more then what we are right now experiencing it!

So, let's oprn our mind's eyes and multiply ourselves thousand-fold in abundant living with Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love.

No More Pains

"No Pains! No Gains!"

"Pain is a boon!"

"Love is full of Pain!"

"Path to Truth and God is tough- Painful"

We hear these scentences very often in our day-to-day conversations.

Very often, Pain is associated with a positive outcome, rather my objection is that Positive Outcomes have been added to Pain.

Such beautiful emotions and feelings, Love, Life, Success, Celebration, Achievement, everything is associated with Pain.

So Sad!

But, if we see it as a Process, it will not be Pain ever.

"If everybody is happy with you, you have made a lot of compromises!"

If Your outcome is Success! Working for long hours CANNOT be Pain.

If Your Outcome is appraisal and Promotion, working for long hours of Job CANNOT be Pain.

If your Outcome is Health & Fitness, working out CANNOT be Pain.

If your Outcome is Living with the person with love and peace whole life, words CANNOT give you Pain.

So, it's Process Not Pain.

Let's Shift our perspective a bit and understand... Pain is the Process where we keep ourselves at Inner Peace by Sacrifice, compromise and/or forgiveness. So that we can reach our OUTCOME.

And anything that leads you to Success, Earnings, Status, Happiness, Achievement, Love, Life, Contentment, Peace

Is not, rather, CANNOT be Pain!

It's a gift!!

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

Do you feel trapped in situations. Completely locked up.

Do you feel nothing is in your control.

Are you living a passive life?

Are you only at the'Effect' place in your life with less or no Active control.

If above said is true, let's change our stance from Passive to Active by switching to the Driving seat, the Game Changer, the Cause of everything that is happening in our life.

Let's become the Cause by taking charge of our behaviour, our actions and our decisions.

Having a great sense of how we react to what we get and what will be it's effect on our future.

So be the 'Cause' not the 'Effect'.

Live a Happy, Healthy and Controlled life.

Be the Reason of Your Life!!

Be Yourself!
Be Yourself!

Discover yourself!

Enjoy yourself!

Celebrate yourself!

Other person's experiences are not yours!

Other person's opinion are not yours!

Other person's perceptions are not yours!

No two people can think, act and get results absolutely identically!

Realise your Individuality!

Re-invent yourselves.

If same indregients and recipe is given to a 100 chef, cook and women. Each 100 will taste unique.

Touch the world with your Uniqueness!

Don't Generalize your Uniqueness!!

Stay UNIQUE! Stay Awesome!

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